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Characteristics of German Sun storage battery
Capacity range (C10): 12V series 200Ah - -5.5Ah, OPZV-2V series -150-2000Ah
Voltage level: 12V; 2V
The design of Floating Life: at 25 - 5 Deg. C environment, 12V series for 15 years; 2V series for 18 years
Cycle life: in the standard condition, A400-12V series 25%DOD cycle 2950 times; 2V series 25%DOD cycle 3500 times
The self discharge rate of less than 2%/ months;
Charge acceptance ability, energy saving;
Working temperature range: -20 to 55
Life: after sufficient power, in the 25 years, 2 years, the remaining capacity of the battery is still more than 50%, after charging, the battery capacity can be restored to 100% of the rated capacity.
Deep discharge performance is good: 100% after the discharge can continue to take on the load, and then charge around after the restoration of the original capacity.
Structure characteristics of German Sun storage battery
Electrolyte: a gel electrolyte layer, good cycle performance of battery; electrolyte density low, slow on grid corrosion, battery charging and long service life;
Gas phase silicon dioxide: the use of German imports, good dispersion performance, performance stability;
Plate: radial rib design, coated with paste type active material, large current discharge performance is good;
Separator: European Amersil production of PVC-SiO2 colloid battery separator, small resistance, high hole rate, long service life;
The design of excess electrolyte: the high quantity of electrolyte carrying liquid, full of plate, diaphragm and shell cavity, good heat dissipation, is not easy to heat runaway phenomenon;
Colloid tightly coated polar group: to prevent the loss of active material;
Patented colloidal battery safety valve, high sensitivity, safe and reliable use;
Battery shell: tank, cover design, the use of shock resistance, shock resistance of the ABS material, transport, use in the no leakage, drum shell and other dangerous, safe and reliable;
Application range of German Sun storage battery
The telephone exchange office automation system;
The electrical equipment, medical equipment and instrumentation; radio communication system
The computer UPS uninterruptible power supply; emergency lighting EPS
The power transmission station, switch control and emergency lighting; portable electrical appliances and mining system
The fire alarm and safety monitoring, traffic lights and beacons;
With such standby power communication; DC power supply of the power plant, hydropower station
Substation, switch control system; DC power supply for railway
Therefore, the solar wind system; mobile station

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