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For each of our global products and services, the German Sunshine Group's aim is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the needs of customers, provide a full range of services. We are fully aware that quality must be recognized by customers because customers have a direct experience of products and services, and this feeling is measured by the needs and expectations that they show or not. For each of our employees, the standard is: the first time to do the right, every time to do the right. Germany Sunshine electrical group (China) Co., Ltd. solemn commitment, we will continue to make great progress in all of our business.
Germany Sunshine Group has a set of perfect after-sales service system and a strong after-sales service team, for your products using the conditions, we made the following commitments:
1 in the process of user services to implement the "full service", from the pre-sale, sale, to provide a series of non - standard design, installation and commissioning, technical advice and training, regular visits and customer complaints and other services to the customer satisfaction.
2 we have established a sound three level service support system, to provide customers with a strong, timely and thoughtful and effective service. That is, the technical department is responsible for the non - standard design, user Engineers - responsible for the operation and maintenance personnel training and technical exchanges, etc.; the installation of the staff - responsible for the installation and commissioning, operation and maintenance, inspection and on-site technical training, etc..
3. Strong technical service equipment, including charge and discharge motor and special on-line inner resistance testing instrument, improves the response speed and problem solving ability, the company in the service center and foreign representative offices are equipped with tools and spare parts, with the fastest speed to solve quality complaints.
4 the company established a perfect customer file management system for each customer using the battery details and the details of our company's services are recorded separately, regular finishing classification, the necessary information to our company's internal departments report. So that we all understand the use of battery in the customer site, based on this, to improve the performance of our products and services.
Pre service:
Actively to do publicity work, mainly based on the purpose and needs of customers, to provide the best products with excellent performance. According to customer needs, provide a variety of design, including battery configuration problems and according to customer site to provide the design of the battery holder. Our principle is that you will have to solve the problem, the rest of the work done by us.
Sale service:
All the batteries sold, we will be in accordance with the customer's request to the specified destination, in order to maximize the recognition of customers.
After-sale service
1 on the sale of the battery we set up "customer files", the implementation of tracking services.
2 batteries sold, the implementation of telephone follow-up, and according to customer requirements to perform at least once a year to complete the inspection (100AH above series), and to report the use of battery to customers, so that customers can use.
3 to provide solutions within one hour when the customer complains. Including the site restoration scheme and the return process, until the customer is satisfied. The aim is to minimize the trouble of the customer.
4. Under normal circumstances, returned to the battery in within two weeks of the arrival of the issue the test report is indeed in our reason for our responsibility; nonself our cause the battery, we issued the report, to the customer to be used to guide.
Special note:
For my company, my company will also provide related services according to customer needs. Namely to provide customers with the inspection, training and other meaningful work. To solve the customer's worries, to ensure the normal operation of the battery on the internet.
Service commitment: all the products of the German Sun Group, in accordance with the use of the use of the normal use of the case, three years, such as three years, the battery itself quality problems, we are responsible for free repair or replacement.


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