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Technologies EXIDE is the world's largest provider of electric energy storage solutions to the famous high-tech Multi-National Corporation, is also the world's largest lead-acid battery manufacturers and market share, its business throughout the world in 89 countries and regions, the total number of employees reached more than 21000.
Exide technologies under the name of GNB and Sonnenschein two major brands, respectively, with lean liquid and gel type two advanced unique production technology, is the world 2 volts single capacity of 3000 ampere hour only manufacturers, is also the world's first production of high-tech valve controlled sealed lead-acid storage battery of professional manufacturers. The world has 21000 employees Technologies EXIDE company due to excellent product quality, reliable performance, has been in the United States, Canada, the European community, Japan, Australia and other countries and regions, such as power, railway, defense and aerospace and other fields. In China, the national telecommunications pipelines and various provinces and cities local, long-distance telephone, mobile communications, data and wireless access network, large power plant, nuclear power, the national transmission distribution network, Railway Bureau and other UPS system users trust and widely adopted by GNB or Sonnenschein battery as a reliable backup power.

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