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  Our Roots Reach Back to 1888…, over a hundred years of pride (History).

Mr. Gibbs W.W. Storage Battery Company Electric in New Jersey, USA, in 1888.
1889 R & D and installation of the world's first lead-acid batteries
1890 products used in the United States Navy's first submarine
1900 Exide brand was born, the name comes from 'Oxide Excellent', that is, the best oxide"
In 1901 the world's first telephone system across the mainland and the Atlantic radio transmission system using the Eixde brand batteries
In 1912 to help Cadillac Automobile Company to design the world's first car battery by starting internal combustion engine of automobile
1969 U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for the first time on the moon using Axel De's solar charge battery, and in all of the Apollo moon landing program tasks are selected Exide silver zinc battery
1987 acquisition of the United States Battery Corporation General, expanding the car battery production line
1990 acquisition of German Sonnenschein (sun) - famous lead-acid battery brand and colloid (GEL) technology
1994 acquisition of the UK's BIG and Gemala, Spain's Tudor and France's CEAC
1999 launch of Orbital cylindrical battery technology, representing the most significant lead acid battery technology progress in recent 30 years
2000 acquisition of the United States GNB technology company
2007 Group Asia Pacific headquarters from Melbourne, Australia, Shanghai, China
2008 acquisition of Canadian Inc. Mountain battery company Power

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