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How to maintain and maintain the solar cell in Germany

How to maintain and maintain the solar cell in Germany
Monthly protection
Reflect on each month:
- Measurement and recording of the temperature of the room in the solar cell group, the temperature of the battery casing, and the temperature of the column.
The cleanliness of the terminal, one by one -- Reflection of the battery damage traces and temperature, shell and cover the damage or temperature.
-- total voltage, measurement and record of the floating current battery system.
Quarterly protection
- repeated monthly self-examination.
-- float voltage measurement and record all battery online.
Annual protection
- repeated quarters of all protection, reflection.
Every year to reflect the convergence of local can have loose.
Each year, the battery pack is carried out with the practical load to carry out an investigation on the discharge experiment, and the additional capacity of 30% ~ 40% is released.
Three years protection
- a capacity experiment (10h rate) was carried out every three years, and the use of six years after the. If the battery pack is 60% lower than the additional capacity, it is assumed that the battery pack is terminated.
Use maintenance Note
- for battery operation and maintenance, please use insulation. The battery can not be placed on top of the metal;
- do not use any organic solvent to clean the battery;
- do not disassemble the safety valve of the sealed battery or take part in any material in the battery;
- do not smoke or use fire in the battery pack;
- after the German sun battery discharge, should be in the 24h within the battery, so as not to affect the battery capacity;
- the function of the storage battery will be backward, and it should be used as soon as possible;
- all maintenance tasks must be carried out by a professional.

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